Taekwon-Do Prep Aged 7-9

Our Taekwon-Do Prep Programme is age specific and has been professionally designed to teach children between 7 and 9 years of age.  Children will learn important life skills along with Taekwon-Do techniques as they progress through the syllabus.Our teaching method is based on disguising Taekwon-Do skills into games and fun activities helping your child to learn in an easy and exciting way.

We realise that children this age have specific characteristics that differ from children younger and older than them, but they are still not quite ready to face the same challenges presented to children 10-12 years of age.  Although some children between the ages of 7-9 can keep up with older children, and in some cases surpass them, the average 7-9 year old can benefit from a more specific type of training.

  • Focus / Co-Ordination: This skill will help your child’s aim, listening and reaction skills.  They will learn to focus all their attention to the activity being practiced.  Many children are easily distracted and this is a great way of improving their concentration.
    The techniques taught in this programme build up from simple movements to complex patterns and our teaching techniques enable all students to develop co-ordination and balance which are very important during the growth years.

  • Control / Discipline: The emphasis of this programme is on establishing discipline & courtesy in children.  Control builds confidence and our drills to help create the vision that discipline is fun and rewarding.
    Classes are conducted in an atmosphere of respect.  The structure of respect for senior students is built into their instruction. Students must bow to show respect to the training are, the instructors and each other.  Having control means making good decisions.

  • Balance: Developing this skill at an early age will help them in many activities and aids good posture development.

  • Fitness: It is important in the age of computer games, for a child to understand the importance of being healthy and physically fit.  If your child can’t burn off all that extra energy exercising, how will they burn it off?

  • Teamwork: This is essential for building character, which will help your child to make friends and to become a better leader.

  • Memory: A child’s brain needs exercise just as much as their body.  Memory development is good exercise for your child’s brain.  Our exercises are constantly helping your child think and make good decisions.

Almost all people training in Taekwon-Do say that their confidence has improved and that this positivity extends beyond training into other areas of their lives.  Our programmes build the mental and physical skills to allow you to deal with any intimidating situations that may occur.