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Welcome to Balbriggan Taekwon-Do Academy

At Balbriggan Taekwon-do Academy we aim to teach your child to strive for excellence and be the best they can be. When students find a particular skill challenging, they must show perseverance in order to overcome that hurdle. Developing this quality will give your child high self-esteem and this is the key factor in all our TaeKwon-do Academy programmes.

There are many children’s martial arts clubs that will hand out grades to appease and retain students. We do not follow this philosophy as it does no build self-esteem and it will only serve in the child developing a false sense of security concerning their ability to defend themselves.

The path to Blackbelt is a journey and achieving Blackbelt can only be measured by the effort taken to acquire it. If it is easy, then it probably is not worth anything. Our tried and tested curriculum is guaranteed to get you the results you would expect from a professional TaeKwon-Do Academy and it is our goal to ensure that all students reach their goal of Blackbelt.

Benefits for Children

We have worked with children and youths with various challenges, such as weight problems, low self-esteem, lack of coordination or focus and children that feel they don’t fit in anywhere. We take pride in the progress children have made since joining our Academy. We take pride in allowing parents to see their child grow in self-esteem through the execution of various Taekwon-Do techniques in front of a full class of their peers.